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Seasons of the Soul

35 x 20 x 20 cm
P 30,000

Seasons of the Soul speaks to the cycle of life that governs all of us on Earth. It is inspired by the ridges and curvature of a dried, dead leaf.

Intended to hold plant arrangements, the piece visualizes the cycle of life and death by functioning as a vase: A dead leaf gently holding bright, yet slowly dying, florals.

Death is one word for it, but its real name is change. This piece is a metaphor for our human, Earthly experience. We watch each season of our life beautifully unfold, giving it our presence and attention. As we move to the next chapter, we are tasked with the act of refilling our cup, of intentionally bringing ourselves to each stage of life we enter. So we appreciate what was, and we replenish our vessel with new life.

This vessel honors the changing seasons and rhythms of nature that we are all a part of. A vessel that teaches us to feel at ease with letting things go, and to embrace all that is to come.

Materials: Stoneware, glaze, metal leaf